Sober Living Homes & Oxford Houses Cost & Length of Stay

Rooms may be individual or shared with a roommate, and common spaces, like the kitchen, living room, and backyard, are shared by everyone living in the home. The number of people living in the home depends on the size of the home or the number of licensed beds. Considering these six factors and working to […]

Trauma Symptoms of Adult Children of Alcoholics

If called out, they will insist that they don’t have a problem, because acknowledging this root issue is too scary, shameful, painful, or overwhelming. The family and friends of the alcoholic are often on the receiving end of the lies, deceit, and manipulation from the very person who claims to love them. This behavior is […]

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Brain Fog After Drinking Alcohol

Think of it as retraining a muscle group for a specific type of physical exercise. Sobriety brings the gift of learning new ways to effectively spend your time. Engaging in new activities is a great way to give your brain a workout. In particular, learning a new language or how to play an instrument is […]