With Firefly, Adobe gets into the generative AI game

As part of the release, Adobe focused on features added to Express. It has become an all-in-in-one editor that allows users to make high-impact design elements, engaging videos and images, PDFs, animations and content right where they need it. With Firefly integration, they can generate custom images and text on the fly just by using natural language and asking the AI to generate it for them in over 100 languages. Adobe Firefly-powered capabilities have already been incorporated into multiple Creative Cloud apps. Photoshop has Generative Fill and Expand that allows users to use text prompts to expand or change images. For example, it is possible to take an image of a beach and tell the AI to add a floating castle to the sky with or add pirate ships to the ocean.

New Adobe Express with Firefly takes AI beyond beta – Gadget

New Adobe Express with Firefly takes AI beyond beta.

Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And if the projections are right, it’d be a very lucrative new line of revenue from a per-customer perspective. Acumen Research and Consulting estimates that the market for generative AI will be worth more than $110 billion by 2030. “As always, creators will need to seek out the copyrights themselves and do what is necessary or required to obtain that ownership,” Costin said — hedging his bets somewhat.

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The first Firefly model is focused on the creation of images and text effects. A sample video from Adobe included a product demo for a “Generate Variations” option, for example. By highlighting an element in a multilayer work of art — a lighthouse, in the demo video — Adobe Firefly uses AI to generate different versions of the lighthouse. There are no increases for the photography plans, which I still view as a bargain and most relevant for the DPreview audience.

For its part, Adobe is trying to avoid any controversy surrounding generative AI. It says Firefly is being “trained” using Adobe Stock images, which are openly licensed graphics that won’t infringe on copyrighted work. This ensures, at least theoretically, that the content Firefly produces will not be based on any specific company’s brand or other licensed images available online.

Adobe Firefly Features Now with Multilingual Prompt Support

DestinationCRM.com is dedicated to providing Customer Relationship Management product and service information in a timely manner to connect decision makers and CRM industry providers now and into the future. Adobe Firefly was launched at the Adobe Summit 2023, where it grabbed the attention of numerous product launches and announcements. With the launch of Firefly, Adobe has ventured into the generative AI segment, proving once again that they are at the forefront of innovation in the creative industry. He’s been writing about the tech industry for many years and his favorite topics to cover include Big Tech, media, and gaming.

From automated scene analysis to intelligent object tracking, Firefly AI simplifies and accelerates video editing, allowing users to focus on unleashing their creativity. Whether it’s refining footage, applying visual effects, or crafting engaging animations, Adobe Firefly offers a comprehensive set of tools for video editing enthusiasts. Firefly will eventually be made up of multiple models, tailored to serve customers with a wide array of skillsets and technical backgrounds, working across a variety of different use cases.

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Adobe Firefly will then generate matching text and images that can be used for the campaign. The complexity of the AI-model and respective calculations are hidden behind an easy-to-use interface. You tell the artificial intelligence what you want it to generate via text input, and it spits out the desired result in no time at all. We believe businesses should incorporate AI in a responsible way, which we refer to as Mindful AI. This helps us ensure that AI models are inclusive to as many cultures and as free of bias as possible.

with firefly gets into generative ai

Express is being used by millions of users globally—spanning all skill levels—to create captivating social content, compelling videos, visually stunning PDFs, digital cards and flyers, engaging book reports and resumes, and much more. These new AI-driven features are available now on desktop web, with plans to bring the latest version of Express to mobile soon. Adobe announced Wednesday that its large family of AI applications across its creative suite, dubbed Firefly, is out of its six-month beta and is available in the company’s Creative Cloud apps. This includes an AI art generator, a generative fill tool that can artificially expand the borders of an image by creating out-of-frame content, as well as AI-based color correction.

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With many options, designers can transform plain text into visually striking elements. From 3D effects to dynamic animations, Firefly AI empowers users to create impactful designs that captivate viewers. Firefly AI’s text-to-image feature is a powerful tool that allows designers to generate stunning visuals based on textual descriptions. By inputting descriptive text, Firefly AI can analyze the content and produce visual representations that align with the provided information. This capability opens up new avenues for creativity and streamlines the design process. Adobe Firefly offers an online platform that allows users to access its powerful features and tools from anywhere with an internet connection.

While generative AI is driving a fundamental change to so many industries in such a short amount of time, it is a certainty to play a role in the growth of productivity in a vast number of professions. But it also often produces distortions or weird problems – for example, an elephant with a second trunk where its tail should be. Often you’ll have to reject a lot of Firefly duds and try different prompts to get useful results, and so far at least, it doesn’t look likely that MidJourney fans will abandon that rival tool for generating AI imagery. Firefly is coming to Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editing tool later this year, too. “We don’t want anyone conserving [credits] or creating from a place of scarcity or feeling like they’re rationing,” said Deepa Subramaniam, vice president of marketing for Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription. This fanciful image of a parachuting hippopotamus was created entirely with Adobe’s Firefly AI tool in Photoshop.

The panel will get a new look, along with options to ignore any single color, different color modes, and auto-detection to give users a base when it comes to starting a new job. In its blog, Adobe explains that being able to swap colors on projects will be useful by giving artists the ability to take existing work and applying “different styles or seasonal changes” with just a click. Some examples include merchandise packaging and marketing materials that need to be themed with different color profiles. For the most part, this looks like an excellent addition to the app, one that can really be beneficial to personal and commercial users. Beginning in November, Adobe will begin offering plans for users to purchase additional “fast” credits through subscription packs. Firefly’s integration into Photoshop will extend the generative AI offering, allowing users to easily and quickly create images, design new templates, and edit pictures.

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There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional film productions or even A-cameras for amateur and independent productions. We’ve combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. Tapping into machine learning technologies, Photomator is a photo editor that offers a step up from Apple Photos and an affordable alternative to Lightroom. Those share price profits often go to stuff like paying for a kid’s college education, a new home, retirement, etc…basically the stuff of middle class dreams. I don’t want to arguing whether Adobe is justified in raising prices.

It takes advantage of Firefly’s generative AI models, Creative Cloud apps such as Express to help them automate editing and revising marketing materials right out of the box. Trained on Adobe Stock images, public domain, or openly licensed content for which copyright has expired, the model creates content that is suitable for commercial use. And that path may face friction from last month’s ruling by the US Copyright Office that AI-created images cannot be copyrighted. Keeping the creator ecosystem healthy, however, is in other C2PA members’ interests, as well.

with firefly gets into generative ai

Just like Generative Fill, Expand is a non-destructive feature that generates new images in a new generative layer, so you can always go back and forth between versions until you find the perfect result. The tool lets you choose from examples that inspire you to create your content. This feature is handy for beginners who are just starting their design journey and need a little inspiration Yakov Livshits to get started. Using Adobe Firefly, you can enhance images and simplify the process of applying styles or compositions of one idea to another. The tool makes adding styles and textures to letters and objects easy, making your images look more professional and polished. Compared to other text-to-image generators like Midjourney, Firefly may have slightly lesser quality output.

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